The Book Of Illusions

by kavign

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Kavign are:

Stephane Cavignaux : Vocals & Guitars
Gregoire Maton: Bass
Eric de Benque: Guitars
Fabien Dannic: Drums


released April 15, 2013

All songs written by Kavign
Engineered and mixed by Lino Cardoso at "Le Tremplin", Ivry/seine.



all rights reserved


kavign Paris, France

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Track Name: A Certain Spirit
You are here. Tonight...
You are listening to me. Tonight...
I don't know what you are waiting from me.
I just really don't know...

You are facing me. Tonight...
You are waiting for words from me. Tonight...
I don't know what you are expecting from me
I just really don't realize.

I've got nothing else to tell you
I've got nothing else to propose you
I've got nothing else to say to you
I've got nothing else to give you

Nothing is new... Nothing is new...
Track Name: Lifetime & Lovelife
In your arms, in my arms
There is nothing.
In my heart, in your heart
There is nothing.
Absolutely nothing...
In your eyes, in my eyes
There are feelings.
In your mind, in my mind
There are feelings. Definitely... Feelings.

In your lifetime there is no place for anything
In your love life there is not a place for me.

In your heart, in my eyes
There are feelings. in your life, in my life...

Life is so boring, when you're not living your dreams...…
Track Name: Abuse
I know that lack
It could happen anywhere
Such a feeling… I really can’t explain
Do I abuse ?
How could I refuse ?

Failures and Fates
As far as I’m aware
My dreams have killed more than my mistakes
I cannot refute that I’m not able to refuse.
And nothing will change
Nothing will ever change until I reach the End
This Fucking End...
Nothing will change
Nothing will ever change until I breathe
All the flavours and blends.

Until I breathe,
I won’t have enough time to understand…
Track Name: I Used To love
From the place we had to come
We had no time to waste
With the feelings, the weaknesses or any emotion.
Then, where we had to hold
Everyday life has never offered us
A bit of tranquillity, serenity, or a little comfort

Is that the reason why the silence has always been the faithful companion of our affection as well as our divisions ?

And now, that you’ve gone away any word is millions of times harder to say…

Could I do it one day ?

I used to love.
I used to love you.
Track Name: Irrelevant Lyrics
Since, she left me alone,
I’m sure I’ve never better known,
And maybe more than anyone,
The dark side of town.
Remembering the street lamps in tears,
When she had definitely disappeared
Nothing was so clear…Emptiness and fear.
But endearing melody in my ears.
Let me dive through the music,
Where she’s almost alive, I’m still nostalgic.
Let sense die, Truth is not in the Lyrics
She’s almost alive somewhere into this music.

Fact is, she left me alone,
Forever, she’s really gone.
But sometimes, my headphones,
Remind me that she’s still in the dark side of town.
Let me dive through the music,
Where she’s almost alive, eternal magic.
Let sense die, Truth is not in the Lyrics
She’s almost alive somewhere into this music.

Listening to my life, I need to forget the lyrics…
Track Name: Bad Mirror
You heard me,
Saying words I’ve never wanted to express.
You explained to me,
To have been shocked by any kind of excess.
You told me,
Having seen me in a real fine mess.
You saw me,
Giving very bad impression.

I cannot recognize myself.

No, I can’t support the world by staying clean.
No, I can’t support the world and what I really feel.

Then, I drink, I sink, I drift… To break any kind of Link.

And the world can't support me...
Can you recognize me ?
Track Name: Leader
Well, every dream, every will, all the things, in your life,
You would have liked to make,
Are always stayed at a simple idea's state.
‘ Cause all your plans, every time, could conduce you
To make another mistake and because
It’s a risk you’re not, frankly, able to take.

Then nothing's changed, it’s still the same...
You’ve never been able to drive anything to the end.

You can speak about "Lands" you would like to discover.
And, you’re sure you could go there forever
But, be sure it’s not a trip you will ever been able to make.
Then nothing will change, you will stay at the same place.
You’ve never been able to drive anything to the end.

That’s what she says,
That’s what she says
Track Name: Musical Cops
Everything has been done,
Maybe, since the Gramophone
Everything has been already done
Can’t you hear it, my son ?

Avoid the Musical Cops
To preserve your hopes
Avoid the Musical Cops
Stay far from their scopes

Everything has been sung
Maybe since The Rolling Stones
Everything has been already sung
But the show must go on
That’s what the Musical Cops keep in their thoughts
Avoid the Musical Cops, please preserve your hopes.

I just wanted to thank you,
I’ve stopped music because of you.
Track Name: Memory Of Dreams ?
How was your face ?
How was your hair ?
How was your hand ?
How were your nails ?

Maybe, you were real…
Maybe, you were nice and sweet…
Maybe, you were beautiful…
But, what was your perfume ?
But, how was your person ?

What was your name ?
What was your taste ?
How was your face ?
How was your hair ?

I never remember my dreams.
I never remember you.
Track Name: Never Seen A Problem
You can ask me, to be the right person,
To understand all your questions.
You can ask me, for the solutions...
But I don’t master any action.
You can see in me all the reasons
To forget any kind of lesions.

But I’ve never seen any problem.
Could you at least once discover the oblivion ?

Because time is passing with no reason.
But time will bring another question...
And time has never been a solution .
And me, I only can incarnate oblivion..
I could be here with no reason .
I am such so common a person .
I will never be a solution ,
To any kind of problem.
Track Name: Timer
The timer is switched on
And something goes wrong…
The timer must be wrong
Everything can last so long…
Your power’s not gone
And you are able to hold on.
Why should you abandon
When you are feeling so strong ?
But something goes wrong…
Since you were born,
You‘ve booked all your illusions.
Ambition with no vision… And now, the damage is done.

What you wanted to be, was simply an idea, known as « the perfect comedy »
What you’d liked to be is a great Theory
Between Majesty and bottomless Tragedy.
And now, that you’re alone and when the stars still shine on,
The timer is switched on…
And you’re old, older than the oldest person.
All you wanted was wrong… All your dreams were wrong…
All your wishes were wrong… All of you was wrong…
You have always been wrong…
Track Name: The Worst Song
No, it’s not a good sound.
Maybe, it ‘s the worst song,
That you have to listen to.
You’re so close to the problems
That haunt these poems,
When you need to escape from the darkness of your life.
Decreasing the volume,
Of this really sad tune
That only speaks about bad fortunes.
When you only want to feel the lightness of your heart,
When you only want to feel the brightness of your life,
When you want to dream of possible sweethearts
When you can decide that nothing goes so bad.
You’re so fed up with the tears and this deep bellyache,
Which always appears when you listen to these tracks.
You only need to breathe… To breathe, and ventilate your mind.
To be happy for a while.
To breathe and retain the taste of a smile.
Optimistic for a while.
To breathe with the caress of the wind.
Nostalgia must die.
To breathe, far from « the perfume » of Süskind.
Forgetting the dark side of your mind.

And dance, to your life’s chance.
All you want to see, it’s that light that blinds your eyes.
All you want to be, it’s that body without mind.
And dance...